Web Design and Development Information for Small Businesses

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Web design involves many disciplines, skills, and experience to be able to perform a great design of a website. These different parts, when combined together, will create a great user experience. This is the goal that many web designers aim for. They aim for great design using uniform user experience. They make sure that the site they’ve designed are easy to navigate and provides ease of access to all users. The users must be able to browse the site seamlessly and easily.

The 10 Most Deadly Mistakes in Website Design

Although many designers are knowledgeable in many aspects of web design, not many prefer to work alone. Most designers usually work in group to finish a website more quickly. This is the better approach since each individual in the group will tackle different aspects of the web design. This makes for a better user experience as each section of the site is designed by an expert on that particular section.

The term web design refers to the process of designing a site to make it easily accessible to users. Web design is a complex practice since it is always evolving and changing to keep up with the times. If you look at the first web designs in the year 2000 for instance, you’ll see a very different web design approach. Compare that to the web design of today where you’ll notice a big difference in the navigation scheme. Before, everything looks clunky which can be confusing at times. The websites of today are very simplistic but stylish. It is significantly easier to navigate to compared to the sites in the past.

Web design, as I’ve said, is a continuously evolving practice. What looks good today will not necessarily look good, in let’s say, 10 years into the future. Just like all things, the trends will change depending on the market. As it is right now, the trend is to go for a simplistic approach.

I will list below some of the few things you need to be at least familiar with when looking for a web designer.

Web design Tools

HTML or Hypertext Markup Language plays a huge role in web design since it is the one responsible for the content look of a site. It provides the structure foundation for the texts, images, paragraphs, headings, tags, and more. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a display language used to enhance the appearance of any text or content.

Both of these languages are used in most web design. To put it simply, HTML is responsible for the content structure while the CSS is responsible for the way looks and appears to users.

New standards and updates in HTML and CSS

To give better control and more options in web design, the W3C recently released a new standard for CSS and HTML, the CSS3 and HTML5 respectively. The W3C also released a new JavaScript API.

Web designers used many tools for their work. The tools and programs they used are constantly evolving and changing to accommodate the needs of the market. Standards change and the tools that come with it. The functions remain the same for most of these updates. They just add other features and fix bugs and common problems associated with its use.

This article barely scratched the surface. There is a lot more information about web design that isn’t included here. The idea here is to make you realize the scope and importance of web design for your small business enterprise.


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