4 Effective But Not So Popular Lead Generation Tips

If you are a business owner that is researching different ways to generate leads, you might have come across many articles discussing the most ideal ways to go about lead generation. If you’ve read enough articles about lead generation, you’ve probably noticed that most of the methods they give are similar. It goes something like, “expand your network” or “use social media to your advantage”, plus some other familiar takes on lead generation.

You may wonder how most strategies for lead generation you see over the internet are almost alike. It’s like these strategies are taken from the same source. But that isn’t the case of course. The reason why many lead generation tips are the same is that these tips are the most effective. After a while, marketers caught on these methods and used it as their guideline. Because of this, all marketers have the same blueprint for lead generation. All of them are correct and they mostly differ in implementation.

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What I am going to share to you are the 4 effective yet ignored strategies for lead generation. Take note that these tips are not as common as other marketing strategies. Make no mistake though, these strategies I am about to share are effective. They can still help your lead generation effort if you use them correctly.

  1. Small batch direct mail

Once again, the idea of smaller is better is applicable here. What marketers tend to do nowadays is to blast emails to everyone on their mailing lists. These mailing lists mostly contain random people that are not really prospect material. Most of the people on these mailing lists are not your target demographic.

Although blasting emails to as many people as possible may increase the exposure of your product, it will still be no match to a more targeted approach. Sure, you can have a generic email and send it to thousands of people but you’ll likely just get a handful of response. Compared that to let’s say, a targeted email campaign of around 100 people. When you send personalized email to 100 people, you are likely to receive a response since each email is personalized. When an email is personalized, the receiver would feel important thus soliciting a response from them is very likely.

  1. Lead Magnets

Sequential lead magnet strategy is a great lead generation strategy since it will make leads go deeper and deeper into your educational grip. What you do is to simply offer something of worth when they finish something and then offer another thing once they go further in your service. This way, leads would dig deeper and deeper into your hands and eventually they’ll develop trust. This is very good in your favor.

By setting up a series of offers that moves your prospect along, you can expose them to increasing valuable content and opportunities. This is where you can build strong relationship with them. This would make them feel like they are working with someone as opposed to being worked out by someone.

A series of videos or webinars are great ways to generate strong relationships with your leads. Even a series of checklists will do. Just give consistent offers to your prospects and pretty soon they are going to associate value to your brand.

  1. Warm Calling

I will never be a fan of cold calling. Although plenty of people still do it, that doesn’t mean it is effective. The problem with cold calling is that you are just calling random strangers hoping that they would be interested in what you have to offer. The chance of actually getting someone interested in your services during a phone call is very slim. Add to that the fact that most phone call receivers would feel disturbed by your phone call.

So instead of cold calling, here’s what you can do – warm calling.

Warm calling is connecting with someone over the phone talking about relevant and personal information regarding them. Although this may seem a bit freaky for some people, it is actually not that rare. Most banks do this and you never question their intention when you receive their phone calls. You are just going to copy this technique and use it to your advantage.

The advantage of using warm calling instead of cold calling is that you have relevant information to present someone at the other end of the line. So instead of just calling to offer some product or service, you can talk about something relevant first before making your sales pitch. It offers much higher conversion rate instead of cold calling. In my opinion, this should replace cold calling from your arsenal (if you are still using it) altogether.

  1. Smart and targeted networking

Many marketers cling on to the idea that networking requires meet and greet setups. Although this is still a great way to expand your network, it can sometimes be more of a hassle especially if you are not a people’s person. For some people, this may end up just a waste of time. What you need is to change your outlook and see networking as a tool for connecting others instead of getting connected.

Here’s their difference. Instead of seeking someone you can connect with, you can serve as a middle man and connect two people you know. You need to start looking to connect more and more people from your networks. This way, you can help people connect with the right people. In turn, they will help you build and expand your network by connecting you to the right people.

When you help someone build bridges or connections, they will return the favor and help you get what you need. Doing this will get you a good reputation of connecting people. You will then become a lead magnet and will attract all sorts of network connection.


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