8 Reasons To Consider Marketing With Google+

When Google+ was introduced, there were a lot of mixed reactions. For many, it was the first time a company directly challenged the then-king of social media which is Facebook. Unfortunately, Google+ didn’t pan out the way Google envisioned.

Today, Google+ is used mostly as a tool to incorporate all Google services in one place. It is a great tool that lets you manage all Google services in one platform which makes managing really easy. Apart from that, Google+ is a haven for marketers. Google+ is tied in with the most popular search engine. Therefore, it is understandable that all Google+ tools are marketer-friendly.

Marketing with Google+ is becoming necessary today. With Google’s push towards combining all Google services in one small package, Google+ is becoming more relevant than ever – and not just as a social media platform but rather a marketing tool for businesses.

Here are 8 reasons why you should consider marketing with Google+.

  1. Google+ hangouts

Google+ has been pushing hangouts ever since its inception. It is an integral part of Google+ and the reason is very obvious.  It is unique to Google and is an ideal way to create online meetings. Currently, it is limited to 10 active users per video chat. It allows Youtube video streaming to an unlimited amount of viewers however.

Hangouts is an ideal way to engage with small groups of customers or friends. This service is reliable since it is backed by Google. It can be a great way to talk, educate, set up meetings and meet new people.

  1. No filtering of contents

Google doesn’t need to make money from Google+. Google’s goal for Google+ is to become a top player in social media market and become a central tool for all of Google’s services. Because of this outlook that Google has, Google+ does not make users pay to become visible.

Compared to other popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, Google+ actually shows everything. No filters and no restrictions whatsoever. As a business owner, you are not going to be forced to advertise on Google+ unlike other social media platform. No more “pay to play” on social media with Google+.

  1. No advertisements

Because of Google’s willingness to invest in Google+, Google+ can get away with no ads. Google has a lot of services which earns for it that it gives Google+ freedom to do away with ads. With Google+, there will be no distractions or someone wanting to sell you something.

  1. Social signals

Google wanted to strengthen its search engine capabilities by analyzing what contents people like the most. By analyzing what contents get the most click throughs, Google can ensure that the Google+ contents that are popular will stay relevant for a long time. This ensures that your Google+ content is getting indexed on Google search engines – and that is a great thing in internet marketing point of view.

  1. Visibility on the internet

Google+ being a Google product is closely tied to its search engine. A good Google+ content will get hits on Google search engine purely because it is on Google+. No other social media has the capability or potential that Google+ has when it comes to getting exposure for your content. By creating many social media pages for your businesses, you can populate the search engine results whenever someone searches for your company.

If you ever search for a brand name for a small company, majority of the time, the first results would be the social media pages for the company. That should tell you the power of social media marketing. Another thing that makes social media marketing great is it secures your brand name on the internet. It is a good way to get your company brand out there, and then keep it there.

  1. Google+ quickly becoming popular

Because of Google’s push for Google+ as their center platform for their other Google products, Google+ can no longer be ignored. With over 600 million registered users and over 350 million active monthly users, Google+ is a lucrative choice for marketers.

All of these statistics should be enough to make you consider joining Google+. With all these updates on Google’s services, using Google+ as your main marketing platform is a very wise idea.

  1. Local SEO marketing

Google has removed Google Places and replaced it with Google+ Places Page. This means that your company page can be reviews by Google+ users. For Local SEO, this is priceless since it means more exposure for your business on Google search engine. Apart from that, reviews can be seen on Google search results and is more pronounced especially on Google local search engine results.

Since local SEO is important for smaller businesses, Google+ will be an essential tool for any businesses today.

  1. Google integration

Google+ was built to be integrated into other Google products. From day one, Google+ was destined to be integrated seamlessly to other Google products. Google+ is now being considered as a “core” of Google services. This can only mean a more effective marketing opportunity for all users.

Are you on Google+ now? If not, then what are you waiting for? Create your own company page on Google+ today and reap the benefits later.


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